This CMAR project is an elementary school replacement – new construction, demolition and removal of existing site amenities and school buildings are being phased in order to keep the existing operations uninterrupted for the school year. The new two-story school (level one is 72,616 SF and level two is 26,205 SF for a total of 98,821 SF), was constructed on approximately 2.66 acres of undeveloped grass area to the north of the existing building. The new building is primarily steel structure with concrete masonry exterior bearing walls with interior metal stud furring insulation. The interior wall construction is metal stud framing with gypsum board. After construction, the existing structure was demolished to make way for construction of the new playground and sports fields. The scope of work includes site improvements, as well as new parking areas, curb cut realignments, playgrounds and equipment, removal and relocation of portable classrooms and bus drop off area.
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