Virtual Design and Construction

Martin-Harris has dedicated Virtual Design and Construction (VDC/BIM) Associates to work with the Design Team and Key Subcontractors throughout preconstruction and construction. The earlier Martin-Harris is involved, the more value we provide.

This process is highly collaborative. During the preconstruction phase, the VDC Coordinator works with the Architect to develop a BIM Execution Plan (BXP) that outlines standard and project specific items. The Architect then leads the efforts to provide the architectural, structural and MEP models, followed by the MHC Team conducting coordination meetings with Subcontractors to further define details for cost estimating, constructability, trade sequencing, safety, and other key components. The model produces data-driven intelligence that helps to detect bottlenecks early on. Stakeholders work together easier and faster resulting in greater efficiency and transparency through construction. The model becomes an installation tool that makes it easier to track progress and make improvements when necessary.

To learn about how our VDC Team can help your next project, contact us.

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