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At Martin-Harris Construction, we believe that strong and positive relationships with our subcontractor partners are essential to achieving our mutual goals of performance excellence, customer satisfaction, and profitable operations. Our Subcontractor relationships are built on mutual trust, respect and cooperation.


Martin-Harris accepts Qualified Bidders from the Nevada State Public Works Division.  If you are already listed on the List of Qualification of Bidders, please start the application process above to be entered into our system, then contact Nicole Lumpkin at to be approved as qualified.

If you would like to qualify with the Nevada State Public Works Division, please visit, click on “BIDS”, then “Qualification of Bidders”.

If you would just like to qualify with Martin-Harris, please click the button above to start your application. Once you have submitted your information, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete your information for approval. 


We polled many of our valued subcontractors to determine what was important to you in maintaining a strong and positive relationship with Martin-Harris Construction. We also asked our internal Estimating, Project Management, and Accounting departments what constitutes a positive subcontractor relationship. Accordingly, we have developed what we call our “Preferred Subcontractor Program” aimed at promoting these ideals.  The result is a set of subcontractor qualifications, or expectations, along with a set of commitments from Martin-Harris Construction to our Preferred Subcontractors. In other words, if you commit to conduct business with us according to this set of subcontractor qualifications, then we promise to honor the specific commitments to you, as a Preferred Subcontractor.  For more information regarding the program, contact


Martin-Harris Construction began a formal Diversity Program over twenty years ago.  As a proactive leader in the construction industry, we view ours as an “Opportunity Program”.  We conduct extensive ongoing outreach programs to recruit and establish relationships with small, minority, women and veteran owned businesses as subcontractors.  We are proud to support Clark County’s Small Business Program, the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council, the Urban Chamber of Commerce, WBEC-West and the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC).