Preconstruction Services

Martin-Harris specializes in performing due diligence on properties of interest to our Clients. We can provide comprehensive analysis of structures and feasibility studies to determine the programming requirements to achieve the desired use. Combined with our conceptual estimating and budgeting expertise, our detailed project analysis makes the efficient execution of decisions possible, providing an early examination of how materials, equipment systems, techniques and schedules will impact the quality, timeliness and cost of a project.

General Construction

As a general contractor, Martin-Harris is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and communication of information to involved parties throughout the course of a building project.  Martin-Harris is also responsible for the overall safety management of the project.  Martin-Harris provides this service through either a hard-bid or negotiated delivery for both public works and private clients.

Construction Management At Risk (CMAR)

Martin-Harris’s approach to CMAR is to serve both the Owner and the design team as a source of accurate information from which educated decisions can be made concerning the project’s cost, quality level and timing. We coordinate our estimating, value engineering, scheduling and constructability knowledge with the design team’s design activities. We do this in the spirit of partnering and maintain an open-book approach to communication and information sharing from project inception through completion.


Martin-Harris approaches the design-build method with an integrated Contractor/Design Team, streamlining project delivery under a single contract with the Owner. Through collaboration and teamwork, the Design-Build Team works through a preconstruction phase to develop a complete design drawing and specifications package for a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract. Martin-Harris provides General Contracting services through project completion, continuing to work with the Architect for drawings and specifications clarifications, as necessary.

Tenant Improvement Services

In response to our customers’ needs for a dedicated team catering to specific interior and specialty construction requirements, Martin-Harris formed the Special Projects Group. The team consistently delivers high intensity, complex projects ranging from $5,000.00 to over $10M. The majority of these projects are completed while ongoing business operations are maintained, with minimal disruption to the occupants. The Special Projects Group offers preconstruction and construction management services with extensive experience under a variety of delivery methods.

LEED/Sustainable Construction

Martin-Harris had early involvement with the green building movement in our region with the 1st public design-build project that was also the first LEED certified project in Southern Nevada. Since then, MHC has constructed several projects that have achieved LEED certification. Our pre-construction, estimating and operations departments have LEED Accredited Professionals with the capability to provide a wide range of sustainable construction services. This professional expertise can best serve the project when we have the ability to become part of the development team from the earliest possible stage of conception.

Building Information Modeling

BIM 3D modeling is the ultimate tool for achieving design efficiency, streamlining construction activities and maintaining accurate information.  Systems that are symbolically represented in 2 dimensioned CADD drawings become full size models allowing the design and construction team to quickly see if all required systems will fit within a given space, and fit in such a way as to promote peak operational efficiency.  Martin-Harris has utilized BIM for clash detection on both new construction and renovation projects to prevent costly unforeseen conflicts, changes, and scheduling delays.