Martin-Harris/Group West, A Joint Venture, spearheaded the construction of the new JWood Raw Elementary School, a critical endeavor addressing the burgeoning student population in the rapidly expanding south Reno area for the Washoe County School District. This project encompasses two impressive two-story Type II-B structures, spanning a combined 86,000 square feet.

Our comprehensive scope of work for this project entails meticulous sitework, limited off-site undertakings, grading, paving, landscaping, installation of underground utilities, and the implementation of a cutting-edge ground-source heat pump well-field. Additionally, our expertise covers plumbing, HVAC installation, electrical systems, and the integration of a state-of-the-art cooling tower. This initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing educational infrastructure while alleviating school overcrowding, a testament to our dedication to community development and educational excellence.

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