Construction of 28,000 sq. ft. casino floor addition. The space expansion construction method consisted of structural steel, joists, decking, exterior EIFS, island bar, high-level interior finishes and millwork and a variety of floor treatments.

Full operations were maintained through the course of construction in the existing casino facility. As the public spaces were immediately adjacent to the work area during the entire course of construction, indoor environmental quality and public safety were paramount and closely coordinated with Fiesta representatives.

The project required a very carefully staged tie-in with the existing facility utilities, including all Fire-Life Safety, gaming controls and food-beverage services. This multi-level coordination exercise was very successful in terms of public interaction, logistics, level of finish and overall complexity execution.

The project used temporary partition walls for public safety until 10 days from completion, with project final stage-close out occurring without public separation. Planning and schedule coordination between the casino staff and Martin-Harris Construction was very extensive. Considering the level of facility systems enhancements, it was an absolute requirement that a comprehensive preconstruction planning effort be completed as early in the planning process as possible. Final commissioning of the project and all final installations-connections went very smoothly as a result of this proactive cooperative effort.

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