This Martin-Harris Construction and JMA project was not only the first public Design-Build project in Southern Nevada, it was also the first new construction LEED certified building in Nevada. The tilt-up concrete and masonry building is 82,000 sq. ft., two stories tall, utilizes raised computer flooring and connects adjacent campus buildings with a pedestrian bridge. Home to the engineering, computing/information and media technology departments, the building encompasses state-of-the-art classrooms, computer laboratories, a TV production studio, editing facilities and digital animation studio.

Energy-efficient features include the utilization of natural day lighting to reduce mechanical and lighting loads. High efficiency glazing allows day lighting to enter the building while reflecting the sun’s heat and the high reflective roofing avoids heat island effect. In addition, high output low wattage lighting fixtures are controlled by sensors connected to solatube skylights to avoid unnecessary energy use from artificial lights. Earth friendly water economy is achieved by efficient plumbing and landscaping systems.

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