he 20 acre mixed use site had 5 exsiting structures. (2) 4- story 106,107 SF structures with community under ground parking. This was a wood frame and stucco struture on top of a concrete parking garage. The (2) buildings flank a enclosed court yard which houses a elevated pool and spa. Each structure has 80 high-end units.

(2) 4-story 90,886 SF commercial buildings boarder a main though fair, West Russell road. This steel framed structure has a unique podium area for a special tenant dynamic office, commercial sales, and restaurant users. The site also had a 9-story metal framed tower, approximately 134,875 SF. This held 85 high end units. The site had an east parking lot for approximately 200 stalls and a north parking lot for 50 parking stalls. Site grading also had to include a south lot which would need a swale for drainage. The property was a mixture of existing finishes and rough ins. Each system had to be tested, adapted, and connected too.

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