The scope of this project entailed renovating an existing portion of the call center, including a new raised flooring system, electrical items related to consoles and new HVAC equipment for the data room. The floor plan was open with raised flooring throughout. Additional electrical was added within the raised flooring to accommodate additional consoles. An additional data rack was added to the data room, along with an HVAC split unit to accommodate the extra heat produced by the data rack. The HVAC split unit was installed on the roof and secured in place. Railing was also installed on the ramps that helped transition the existing entrances to the raised flooring area. Carpet tiles were installed over the raised flooring tiles such that one carpet tile was installed over one raised flooring tile for easy access to the floor tile if needed for maintenance.

The area of work was located next to an active call center as well as the employee breakroom and offices. In order to minimize disruption, a soundproof temporary wall was installed to separate the work area and the active call center. Noise was kept to a minimum as much as possible to avoid a disruption to the active call center. There was an adjacent entrance to the space that could be accessed through the exterior of the building. All materials and traffic were directed through this door to avoid any disturbance to the remainder of the building. The data room that was also worked in was located near the project site, allowing for minimal disruption to the rest of the employees.

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