Design-Build of a 4-story, 131,000 SF “Class A” medical office facility on a 5-acre site which features a four-story tower and a modern aluminum canopy design at the third level as well as at both entries to the east and west. The building offers special amenities such as a private entrance, key access garage, central security and reception area, state-of-the-art technology, energy efficient designs, and extensive customer parking. The facility includes a 15,000 SF outpatient surgery center, a 5,000 SF urgent care center, a 7,000 SF imaging center, a 3,000 SF pediatric urgent care and 2,500 SF retail space for a coffee kiosk, pharmacy, and lobby/security on the first floor. The second floor houses a 12,000 SF cath lab.

The detached parking structure is 202,668 SF and has 606 spaces.

The first floor has been designed to have a floor-to-floor height of 18 feet to accommodate tenants that might have special equipment needs, such as surgical centers. The other floors have 15-foot floor-to-floor so that tenants can have 10-foot ceilings throughout. The structure of the building is a poured-in-place concrete deck with a stucco curtain wall system. The structure has been designed to accommodate heavy filing loads for patient records. There are three elevators: 2 passenger elevators and one freight elevator used as a passenger elevator when there are no deliveries. The finishes are stainless steel surrounds and ceiling with cherry wood panels around the sides.

Provisions were made with two local utility companies to bring a high-speed fiber optic backbone to the site for redundancy. Satellite connections have been incorporated into the roof design for tenants that might need that capability. The data is distributed from central closets on each floor and a wireless vendor has been employed to deploy hubs on each floor so laptops and other devices can be used throughout the facility.

Martin-Harris Construction also completed several tenant improvements within the facility including:

• Behavior Health Clinic – 7,000 SF – $481,229.23
• Massage Pro – 1,500 SF – $139,549.00
• CLS (X-Ray and Laboratory Services) – 2,500 SF – $165,025.00
• Good Shepard (Cardiac, Pulmonary Rehabilitation) – 4,700 SF – $333,099.00
• Nevada Heart – 11,900 SF – $499,447.00
• PT Hand (Medical Rehabilitation Facility)- 2,100 SF – $131,751.00
• Sonoran Medical Imaging 4,700 SF – $409,285.00

Site logistics / impediments: The Longford Medical building presented several site utilization challenges. To the north, a retail store (K-mart) was fully operational. To the east, a medium density residential area was occupied on a site lower than the building site due to the grade differentials. While to the south exists an operational multilane freeway. The close proximity of the neighboring uses created an interesting dynamic that provided major site planning logistics. Deliveries and parking could not interfere with the operation of the existing retail store, while the combination of the residential use on the other side of the project prevented off hour deliveries. MHC negotiated and coordinated several narrow windows of opportunity with the retail store and neighboring residents to allow large deliveries to flow. The access control plan required several days of prior coordination for any deliveries. In order to maintain access for the retail user while creating an entrance to the project site that did not cross through the retail uses parking lot, MHC provided a new road and intersection with underground drainage work. MHC mitigated the complications from a lack of access to only 1 formal complaint from a residential neighbor on the entire 13 month duration of the project.

Sustainable features: The building utilizes Low-E glazing throughout with an exterior insulated 3-coat stucco system. The HVAC system is a heat pump system with an intelligent monitoring/control system to give the tenant the most flexibility for their space. This system allows the owner to control the entire system remotely via Internet; this can help minimize excessive use of the system to save energy, as well as troubleshoot problems in a timely manner. The tenants have the option to control their own space via internet as well: they can turn their system on to start cooling before they arrive on the weekend so their office is comfortable before they start working. The electrical distribution is also tied into the same monitoring system so that tenants can be billed separately for their usage. Each tenant is provided with their own distribution panel and electrical room within their space.

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