Legacy House is a 25, 435 SF wood frame structure with a combination of a TPO roof system, metal and tile. The exterior was 3 coat stucco and stacked stone, with several accents of tile. The 138-unit nursing home facility had many common areas to include a full commercial kitchen, three elevators, a theater room, offices, recreation room, dinning facilities, and a wellness room.

This project has exterior courtyards, one was in the memory care area which had limited access through electrical coded locks. The other was open access for all residents and visitors. From the front door you could see through the court yard in to the dinning hall. The fourteen-month project was the structure. The off-site which was supposed to have started and finished in advance of the building, got started late and lasted eight months. The unforeseen conditions for electrical, gas, sewer, water and dirt were challenging from start to finish.

There was an out-door shade sail that connected to the building but due to a change in tree point to a four point sail the posts increased for standalone structural points of connection. The building also had to have a spilt system for a wet and dry sprinkler system. The dry system met under the porta cochere.

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