This project featured tilt-up exterior wall panels with steel deck, bar joists, and TPO roofing. The facility was developed on 11.88 acres (517,484 SF) and consists of two, three story buildings containing approximately 90,675 SF each for a total of 181,350 SF of rentable space. Service rooms include one janitor’s closet, one dry storage room (in women’s restroom), building Tele-Data room, building electrical room, and Domestic Water Booster Pump room (in first floor only). The service room was finished with sealed concrete floors, rubber base, painted gypsum board walls, and open ceilings to the structure above. A conduit system was provided from the site demark point to the IDF in the building where service providers will have equipment to supply the tenant. There is a stacked room with 4′ x 8′ plywood blackboards on each level with 4″ conduit sleeves for vertical risers to provide connectivity and horizontal distribution of telecommunications/data to the tenants on that level.

There are four elevators: two passenger elevators in each of the two buildings. The finishes are stainless steel raised panels with dark grey reveals, stainless steel ceiling, brushed aluminum flat bar handrails, and marble attache tile flooring. Elevator lobby’s provided are provided on levels two and three and include one set of 6′ wide by 8′ tall doors held open with magnetic devices and will release upon activation of the fire alarm.

Each floor of the office building is served with four 30-ton HVAC units, for a total of 12 units per building. The air handling units will be air-cooled packaged, roof mounted Variable Air Volume units with modulating natural gas primary heating, Direct Expansion cooling, and integrated air side economizers for energy efficiency and ventilation air control. Variable speed supply and exhaust fans in the air handling units will maintain building positive pressure and provide ventilation for each floor. A separate roof mounted exhaust fan will provide exhaust air for building core areas including toilet rooms and janitors closets on each floor.

Site also contains a central plaza on the north-east side of the buildings consisting of concrete flatwork with raised planters, and 5 painted metal trellis features lit by LED ground lights. This plaza also contains power, gas and water stubs and is landscaped to match the surrounding site.

A central courtyard between the two buildings serves as a focal point for each of the building’s main entries. This courtyard contains raised concrete planters and bench seating, beneath two painted metal trellis structures down the center, with smaller features flanking each building. Center of the traffic circle contains landscaping with space for tenant supplied signage or sculpture.

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