Martin-Harris’s safety record is unparalleled. Our approach to safety is driven by a highly experienced team whose focus on keeping everyone safe is aligned with our Clients’s objectives.

What is Aeverage EMR

Martin-Harris’s safety philosophy is founded on the TH!NK principle—the development of a culture that focuses on having every person on site encouraged and trained to identify hazards, and empowered to correct the hazard, report unsafe conditions, and stop work if a hazard exists.

Key components to the TH!NK Program:

Zero Accidents/Zero Tolerance Philosophy

  • Zero Accidents is always the goal.
  • Zero Tolerance for non-compliance to the plan or to standard regulations.
    Safety Acknowledgement
  • Every Subcontractor and Supplier contract includes a safety clause requiring full acceptance and participation in the program.
    Mandatory Project-Specific Safety Orientation Program
  • Ensure that expectations are set with everyone from upper management down to the laborer on-site.
    Toolbox Talks
  • Every Monday, Superintendents conduct tailgate meetings around a different safety topic to refocus workers on the tasks at hand.
    TH!NK Training
  • Train managers and workers on the TH!NK pre-activity hazard analysis procedures.
  • Job-wide safety meetings to discuss important topics relevant to site-specific/seasonal hazards.
    Root-Cause Analysis
  • Incident investigations are focused on finding the root cause and contributing factors to events in order to develop effective solutions.
    Corrective Action Plans
  • Re-TH!NK the task; develop a short term solution and a long-term solution that addresses the root cause to prevent similar incidents.
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