The work of this project (Package 9) includes the design, engineering, and construction of three new Marine Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQs), new off-site chiller, and a new 550+ car parking structure. This project is a LEED Gold certified sustainable project.

The campus design concept the design-build team developed for this project blends the military design standard with features that are inherent to college campuses and hospitality design throughout the country.  Utilizing the team experience from Streamline Tower and Boca Raton Luxury Condominiums, the design team developed a cohesive design solution that delivers a BEQ that is contemporary, provides all NAVFAC noted desirables and adds many more features that will further enhance the quality of life for the young Marines who will live and enjoy this new facility. All three BEQ buildings are virtually identical four-story units (each BEQ has 192 living units which house 384 Marines) compatible in size, style and color with the existing adjacent buildings. 

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