Tilt-up exterior wall panels, steel framing and decking, TPO roofing. Main entry features aluminum framed store front with decorative metal panels.

The building design included a 10,000 square foot -30 degree freezer for the storage of food supplies and ingredients needed to produce bread products. The freezer contained a permitted high-racking system with an In-Rack Dry Fire Protection System, Two (2) Roll-Up Doors, and 3 Man Doors.

An effluent flow meter monitoring station was also installed, per request from the City of Henderson, to monitor and treat the acidity of wastewater before entering the public system. The system consisted of a series of multiple tanks where waste would leave the process equipment and be treated by a dosing tank, depending on the PH levels, before it was moved to the public system by way of lift station.

Vertical dock levelers with truck bed seals were installed in the dock areas so that there could be a transition from the climate controlled and secure dock area floors to the truck beds. The dock levelers are beneficial for any buildings that require environmental control for food storage or areas that are required to be a specific temperature. The levelers store in a vertical position, which allows a seal to form at the bottom of the pit floor and promotes cleanliness.

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