Thatcher Chemical

This project was completed in several phases to accommodate ongoing plant operations which included daily truck deliveries/shipping, twice weekly train tank car activities, and the owner’s final site and building configurations.  The essential portion of the project was to relocate the main building away from the freeway to eliminate safety concerns.  The site contained many challenges including on-going plant operations that included Thatcher staff, railcar deliveries, tanker truck deliveries, tight access in all areas, limited water supply to site, Existing fiber optic lines, and existing gas line running thru the property, and Thatcher not abandoning areas as agreed to. MHC provided necessary separation from new construction to existing plant operations with fencing and other barriers to assure proper separation. Also met weekly at a minimum with plant operations to assure everyone’s access remain intact and schedule needs were clearly understood.

Phase I encompassed early site grading, CMU site retaining and screen walls, and united underground utility work, and the erecting of the new building.

Phase II included both on and off-site utility work, re-routing and installation of new public utility services include active natural gas and fiber lines which run directly thru the property, site grading, CMU retaining and screen walls, new tilt-up concrete warehouse and office building, tote storage, tank containment areas, and site improvements for this phase. During this phase, the owner installed special floor coating systems, chemical storage tanks, process piping, and warehouse storage rack systems.

Phase III included boiler and control buildings, Chlorine/Tonner Filler building which required MHC to build the new structure over the existing railroad tracks and to keep one rail line active at all times, and associated site improvements.

Phase IV was for the demolition of remaining structures/equipment and final site improvements.

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