Hoover Dam Spillway House

Hoover Dam Spillway House

The design of the 5,000 SF building is designed to display educational exhibits and is flexible enough to be utilized for private events as well.  Due to the location of the building, the Site Specific Safety Program was very unique. The building overhangs the Lake Mead reservoir by a few hundred feet with only one side of the building accessible from the roadway. All demolition activities needed to be carefully orchestrated to avoid impacting the water below. In conjunction with SWPPP, Martin-Harris implemented a Water Quality Assurance Plan that addressed means of keeping construction and demolition debris out of water runoff and Lake Meade. As part of the plan, Martin-Harris installed a safety net system that not only prevented debris from contaminating the lake, but provided worker fall protection as well.  As a tertiary precaution, Martin-Harris also implemented a safety rescue boat recovery plan.


5,000 sq. ft.


JMA Architects