This project consisted of the construction of a new 350,000 SF masonry/steel high school, on the same approximate site as the existing high school facility. The school encompasses both a Medical and Aviation Academy.

Martin-Harris Construction was awarded the new construction project that effectively operated as a live facility renovations project. As portions of the new facility were brought on line, the corresponding existing facility spaces were demolished in a carefully orchestrated and tightly executed manner, ensuring public safety and the complete safety of the student-faculty body. The planned demolition-to-construction phasing experience was a complete success. The scope of work included the entire spectrum of new building construction, on and off site improvements and a large amount of selective hard and soft demolition to the existing facilities.

The public relations nature of the project was very beneficial, both for the Clark County School District and for Martin-Harris Construction. As the project progressed, the student body took a keen interest in the project and began including MHC project staff in school activities. This important element of pride in the project extended throughout the local neighborhood as well. The high profile nature of the project and the positive benefits to all involved were the result of a well planned, well executed project.

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