The Client’s vision for Shanghai Plaza was to carry on the character of the City of Shanghai, a major international trade portal for China since the 18th Century. At that time, the buildings in Shanghai were populated with western style architecture, brick façade materials, with roman columns and arches. These elements were different from the traditional Chinese roof line and wood framing architecture, but they did not prevent Shanghai from being a part of China, instead allowing it to maintain its own unique identity. Today, as one of the major metropolitan cities in the world, contemporary architecture and skyscrapers fill this major international trade portal.

This project was designed to show off this special history of Shanghai and make visitors feel like they are stepping back in time. Four buildings totaling 76,000 SF were designed and constructed to incorporate many different finishes including lime stone, brick veneer, stucco and GFRC with outdoor common areas. The pedestrian realm along Spring Mountain features 15’ wide landscaping filled with open spaces, gardens and benches, ample parking spaces for shops, enhanced paving along the storefront with tranquil Japanese Gardens sitting in between, and outdoor patios throughout the development.

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