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The one-and-only Justyn Boumah of Heroes & Hearts Las Vegas, through his program called The Blessing Project, visited Martin-Harris and the subcontractors at the William Ferron Elementary School site. The Blessing Project dedicates a full day to celebrate and express gratitude for local firefighters, police officers, hospital workers, and construction workers. This program is part of Justyn’s mission to educate, encourage, and empower marginalized or overlooked communities globally through literacy, leadership, and legacy.

The construction industry in Nevada is considered “essential” and has kept working through the pandemic. To show his appreciation for a few of the people in his community who are keeping the economy moving and safe, 6-year-old Justyn and his parents delivered snacks and notes of appreciation to the construction site.

On behalf of our team at Ferron Elementary School, we want to thank Justyn, his family, and the Heroes & Hearts organization for their kindness. Justyn not only made our day, but is a perfect of example of what makes Las Vegas the most magical city in the world!

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